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Ice Cream Push Cart Rentals

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Approximate Pushcart Dimensions
44" x 31" x 42"

4 wheels

​Looking to rent a pushcart for your event? The Ice Cream Guys have got you covered! Our pushcarts are rented out on a first-come, first-served basis, so be sure to or email us as soon as possible to get on the schedule.

Rental includes an umbrella and delivery/pick up.  We will stock the cart for you.  Rental fees must be paid at the time the cart is reserved and are nonrefundable.  All other items must be paid for in full at the time the cart is picked up. Renters must leave a credit card number as a "security deposit".  The credit card will not be charged unless the pushcart is returned damaged, late, parts are missing or the unit needs to be cleaned.

The pushcarts are equipped with cold-plate freezers which allow them to remain unplugged for long periods of time and maintain their temperature. An electric cord is also provided if you want to plug in the cart.
We plug the cart in two days before the rental date to ensure that it is cold.


The carts are stocked the day before the pick up date. Cancellations made after the cart is stocked will result in a 15 % restocking fee.  We do not accept ice cream returns.

Pushcart Fees

One-day rental  $150 + MD tax - You must purchase at least $75 worth of ice cream to get this rate


One-day rental  $175 + MD tax - cart only

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